12 thoughts on “Mysterious objects found. What do we deduce and infer year 6?

  1. deduction: someone has been planning out a journey, the items are newly bought as they are not dirty
    inference: someone’s journey has been cut short due to maybe death or being kidnapped or drowning .

  2. This is very mysterious, boots, a hat, a compass, a map and a rucksack all by themselves.
    Me and fellow crew believe that a bear scared and panicked an explorer to flee but the explorer accidently left his belongings.

  3. Deduction: we think that the explorer was new to the exploring business because all his gear was clean.

    Inference: we think that the explorer was killed by a vicious,wild animal.(preferably a tiger)

  4. Deduce= The objects belonged to an explorer. They were being used for a long walk.
    Inference= The objects were too heavy for the explorers so they lest them behind.

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