Living in Lytham by Ben and Will

Did you know that the weather is usually rainy in winter and in summer it is still rainy but more sunshine. A lot of the boys at Lytham like football and a lot of girls too. We have a question for you. what is your favourite type of sport out of these choices:

English football
American football
hockey and ice hockey

for Will: English football for Ben: English football

comment your favourite sport please! ‘-‘

Life in Lytham! Katie-Rose & Jemima

Lytham is a small town in Lancashire. At Lytham Hall Park (our school) we study different lessons such as: maths, English, science, P.E., grammar, spelling, art, IT and religious education. We also do a few others. In the morning, we come into school at 8:45am and have registration. Then we have assembly and after that we do English. At 10:30am we have 15 minutes of break-time. Once we have come back in from break we have a maths lesson with Mr Taylor. At 12:00pm we have our lunch for an 1 hour.

In the afternoon, we do either science, geography, foreign languages or maybe some others. At the very end of the day if we have some time we do circle time, where we talk about feelings. Finally, at 3:30pm we go home.

Young Sports Leaders

Are you interested in PE? Do you want to improve school sport? The School PE Co-ordinators, Miss Kirkham and Miss Singleton, are looking for some enthusiastic children from Year 6 to become ‘Young Sports Leaders.’

The roles would include the organisation of school PE resources, blogging about sports news, creating imaginative new displays for the PE board and updating the school sports website.

In order to fulfil this role, you will need to be committed, interested in sport, and are able and dedicated to giving up Monday lunchtime every fortnight.

If you feel this role would suit you, apply by writing a short letter to Miss Kirkham & Miss Singleton, explaining why you would be a good ‘Young Sport’s Leader.’


From January, you will be taking part in a project called QuadBlogging. QuadBlogging links classes that blog with other classes from around the world. Since 2012, over half a million children from over 70 countries have taken part. Here’s a video created by children in one Quad from USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK:

Each week, one of the 4 classes will be the ‘focus’ class with each of the other 3 classes visiting and leaving you comments. Over 4 weeks, each of the 4 classes will have had their week as the ‘focus’ class. You have been partnered up with three other schools. These are:

Steinhovden School in Norway
Woodlawn Middle School near Chicago in America (60047)
Bradley Green Primary Academy in Manchester

In preparation for this project. Use the ‘QuadBlogging’ tab at the top of the screen to fill in as much information about your school and Lytham as possible so that the pupils form these other schools can find out about your local area.

Live Writing using Coveritlive

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