Life in Lytham! Katie-Rose & Jemima

Lytham is a small town in Lancashire. At Lytham Hall Park (our school) we study different lessons such as: maths, English, science, P.E., grammar, spelling, art, IT and religious education. We also do a few others. In the morning, we come into school at 8:45am and have registration. Then we have assembly and after that we do English. At 10:30am we have 15 minutes of break-time. Once we have come back in from break we have a maths lesson with Mr Taylor. At 12:00pm we have our lunch for an 1 hour.

In the afternoon, we do either science, geography, foreign languages or maybe some others. At the very end of the day if we have some time we do circle time, where we talk about feelings. Finally, at 3:30pm we go home.